A downloadable game for Windows

Catronauts is a small versus party game developed for the Epic Megajam 2019. Play with 2-4 players local on PC.

Fight on a crashing spaceship to be the last cat standing. Save your furry tail by kicking other Catronauts down to earth and relieve the crumbling ground beneath you.

Xbox Gamepad Controls:

  • A - join game/jump
  • B - leave lobby/push
  • Start - start game
  • Left thumbstick - movement


  • Player 1 must join the session to start the game
  • Currently only playable with gamepad

Team :

  • Artjom Fransen - Sound, Animation (Dead Sector)
  • Charly Preisig - Programming, UI (Dead Sector)
  • Moritz Heinemeyer - 3D Character + Prop Modeling, Concept  (Moritz)
  • Valentin Fischer - 3D Environemnt Modeling, Concept, Shader, FX, UI (Dead Sector)
  • Nadja Clauberg - Artwork Painting (nadtsu)

Install instructions

1. Unzip
2. Play
3. Have Fun :)


TeamCatronauts_Catronauts.zip 497 MB


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Fun multiplayer! ran really well, we played many matches, i won all of them hahaha. I am the CATURNAUT CHAMPION! OF THE UNIVERSEEEE