A downloadable game for Windows

Controlls in DEAD SECTOR?
1. The Demo is optimized for the Gamepad.

2. If you play with Keyboard and Mouse use:

LMB = Light Attack
RMB = Heavy Attack
W,A,S,D = Movement
R = Recharge Health (require one E-Cell)
Space = dodge
Tab = Lock-On Enemy
Q or E switch between Targets
Ctrl (hold) = Run

Dead Sector is an immersive soul like that plays in a dystopian future. This humanity is dependent on a mysterious energy source to survive in the hostile environment. Enter the depths of the Dead Sector and find out why more and more sectors are losing contact with the surface. Fight against mysterious creatures and use their life energy to charge your equipment and resist the relentless danger.

How to survive DEAD SECTOR?

1. Lock-On the Target if you want more control in combat.
2. You can perform a special Counterattack, If you Block an Attack in the last moment.
3. Upgrade your Weapon :)
Some GPUs are not compatible with the experimental Version 0.6902 use Version 0.6901 instead. We still work on a Fix.

CPU: Intel Core i5-4690 3.5GHz / AMD A10-7800 APU 3.5 GHz or better.
GPU: GeForce 960 Series or better.
RAM: 4 GB.

Artjom Fransen - Management, Game Design, Animation, Level Design & UI
Charly Preisig - Programming, VFX & UI
Valentin Fischer - Conceptart, Texturing, Modeling & Rigging
Fabian Deiss - Sound
Niklas Wienböker - Music


Install instructions

1. Download
2. Unzip
3. Start the executable file.
4. have fun :)


Version 0.689
Version 0.691
Version 0.692 (experimental)

Development log


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Stay tuned, we are working on some exciting new features :)

there need to be settings that allow you to change how detailed the graphics are, otherwise it ends up choppy on lower end machines. plus, not everyone has a game pad. which makes the lack of keyboard controls frustrating.

You can use Keyboard and Mouse as well. I moved the controls to the top of the page. :) We have improved the performance in Version 0.691 and will update the Game with options in a couple of Versions.

Great potential for this game with just one or two problems you'll see at the end of this video.

Thank you for playing our game, its was fun to watch.
Very entertaining LP, especially the attack sounds are awesome :D
We still working on a fix for the crashes. It's a hard nut to crack. 

I played your game and it crashed every few times I tried to heavy attack an enemy. I couldn't advance much past the start because of that but the first few minutes I got to play I was definitely having fun. 


Thank You for playing Dead Sector. We are very sorry for the bugs and hope you give the game a second try if we fixed the crashes. 


It seemed really fun so if you do fix the crashes please do tell me and I'll give it a 2nd go. 

i really like the mix game styles that are going on. i got a dead space with destiny style going on and it really cool. i had fun playing, i look forward and hope there is a finished project :D (Spanish Play-Through)

Thank You for playing Dead Sector.
We are glad you had fun playing it. :)
We still working on it to make it better.


So this is a really solid start, especially in the atmosphere and the level design, fantastic atmosphere. However, the focus of the game, the combat, is probably the weakest part overall mostly due to the feel and responsiveness. I did my best to break down what felt off and suggested ways to improve it, but feel can be really hard to communicate properly. I look forward to seeing some later builds of the game, it has some serious potential!


Thank You for playing Dead Sector.  :)

We are glad that people take their time when they play our Game especially when they give us a thorough feedback in a let's play format. This help our Team to improve the Game Design much faster. :)

We are working at this moment on a more stable build with general smoother FPS. We will improve the combat after the controls are optimized for Keyboard Input.

I hope you can review our improved game next time. ;)

I dont want to actually go into details with my issues so i keep it short.

Its ok gameplay wise, clunky but very solid.
Visual wise its very... old. And the fact that the screen is also very blurry doesnt help.

You should rework the visuals very intensively bc they dont actually match the good animations and character you have.
Its 2 seperate worlds here.

I would sharpen the entire postprocess module and remove motion blur since you already have alot of radial blur going.

And then i would fix the light, there are some lights that shine through walls, and the specular highlights of that just create odd reflections.

You really need a proper pause menu.

I can imagine this to be a great game and i feel some dark souls.

Thanks for the focused feedback.
The improvement of the pausemenu, lights, postprocess and blur are on our "to-do-list" now. But  I am not sure what you mean with "bc" :)
What would you rework exactly?


"bc" means "because".

Feels like a discount Dead Space

We will work on it till it won't be either of those two. 🙂 Everyone is invited to help us on that journey. We have Discord to discuss new ideas and ask for your opinion.

Gave it a go...

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Thank You for playing DS. We are sorry got that error at the end, It was a nice LP till that point. We hope you had fun playing it and like the shield design.

We are still working on it, so stay tuned for the next update.


This game reminds me so much on Dark Souls and how fun it is. I look forward to seeing if you expand on this game and if you add more mechanics in it.

Here's my channel for other games I have played. http://www.youtube.com/c/Levont


this game has potential to be fun

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Thank You for playing DeadSector! I hope there are some Player who can beat the game without dying ;)

is there a fix, because the game ran fine, then started lagging so hard

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We are very sorry that you couldn't experience the demo in a bug free state. Apparently some Graphics Cards have some problems with the enemy spawning. And can you also post the hardware specs of you machine? We will patch it as soon as possible!


This looks very promising, gonna give it a look and hopefully it will run on my cruddy laptop lol but from the trailer alone this looks great.